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Here at “Keep’n It Reel Fishing charter” we offer a unique professional private fishing experience from inshore shark trips to jetties trips targeting the biggest variety of species such as, trout, redfish, flounder, pompano, sheep head, sharks, marcel, and many more! Our goal is to provide our guests with an unforgettable fishing trip of a life time!

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Our Fishing Charter Trips

  • Half day = 4 hour trip for 3 people
  • Full day= 7 hour trip for 3 people
  • $50 each additional people, 6 max


I’m Capt. William Myers,
I’ve always had a loving passion for fishing as far as I can remember, and being a captain of my very own fishing charter has always been a dream of mine. I would like to share with you all how and why I got hooked on this fun and adventurous hobby of mine. if you have never experienced a private fishing trip like we offer here with “Keep’n it reel fishing charter”, I highly recommend it! allow me to show you a whole new world of fishing and catch tons of big fish.

Jetty Trips

3 people

$450 half day & $700 full day

Each additional person over 3 is $50

Jetty trips are full of action, and by far the most popular fishing trip with the biggest species variety to target! such as red fish, spotted seatrout, flounder, sheep head, pompano, and many more.

State Water Off Shore Trips

3 people

Full day $850

Each additional person over 3 is $50
Season (May – August only)

You never know what you will run across in this clean deep water! anywhere from snapper, cobia, big sharks, king fish, and many other species.

Shark & Bullred Trip

3 people

Half day: $550 & Full day $750

Each additional person over 3 is $50

A trip full of screaming reels, and awesome pictures of giant sharks to show friends and family back home. Fun for the adventurer or first timer.

Flounder Trips

3 people

Half day: $550 & Full day $750

Each additional person over 3 is $50
Season (October – November)
The absolute best time of the year to get out and catch your limits of giant flounder. Take advantage of this special limited time trip, its only available October through November.

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